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UCI Track Cycling World Cup Santiago de Chile 2017

8-9 y 10 December 2017 

Photography Ricardo Astorga R

Photography Nabil El Andari

This is a good opportunity to participate in the big leagues, even more if it is an event in a circuit that I know very well. This time traveling through Chile, I contacted by things of the destination with a photographer of those, Nabil El Andari (if you want to know about him). We talked about this idea of ​​working together in the World Cup Track Santiago de Chile, it seemed interesting and we embarked on this project. Nabil is a connoisseur of the medium, he showed me a lot about the extensive conversations with people, acquiring some more information regarding his activities before and after, their lives, customs, etc. He mentioned, communication is fundamental, you can not do photography without knowing who you are going to work with, you must investigate, read and look before you start.
The riders starting to prepare, technicians, mechanics, medical staff, all ready, we ready for the contest.


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